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Big Bore CR 500 Cylinder kits from CP Industries Inc. 
Application: 1989-2001 Honda CR500


The large picture above is not a Liger cylinder, and is displayed as a refference only to show the typical (6 & 2) transfer port layout.




Kit Part no.      Size        Bore x Stroke      Rod     Kit Price 

3101-9579-144   560.0cc   95.0mm x 79.0mm  144.0mm   $2,395.00

3101-9779-144   583.8cc   97.0mm x 79.0mm  144.0mm   $2,439.00

3101-9879-144   595.9cc   98.0mm x 79.0mm  144.0mm   $2,499.00

Use this link to purchase these kits:  CR Big Bore


Kit Part no.      Size        Bore x Stroke      Rod     Kit Price

RPM-97810-144   599.0cc   97.0mm x 81.0mm  144.0mm   $3,395.00

RPM-97845-144   624.4cc   97.0mm x 84.5mm  144.0mm   $3,439.00

RPM-98845-144   637.4cc   98.0mm x 84.5mm  144.0mm   $3,499.00

Inquire for Invoicing to purhase these kits:  joep@rpmmfg.com


The 3101-XXXX-144 part numbers are do it yourself top end kits for stock stroke engines, and consist of all the top end parts from the cylinder base gasket and up. The bore/stroke & rod length listed are what the kit was designed to. Case machining clearance for the cylinder sleeve is needed, also a larger exhaust connector flange or a custom built pipe will be needed. The coolant hose routing and fittings are relocated on the head and cylinder.


The RPM-XXXXX-144 #'S have crankshaft stroke changes that will need to be done to your crankshaft, and case machining is required for rod swing and cylinder sleeve clearance. Cylinders are also available without Nikasil, so that porting can be done before the coating process if desired. If ordered this way, the customer will be responsible for having the Nikasil process completed.

The prices for the (RPM-) kits include crankshaft stroking & balancing, new connecting rod kit, case machining & the Liger top end kit. You will need to send us your bare cases (no bearings) and your crankshaft. The processing time for this job is 8-10 weeks.





RPM Designed "CR Liger" Removable Head stay mount

Made from Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum with O-ring sealing between mount and head, also includes (3) 65mm long head studs